What is daddyfingerme?

dadyfingerme is a file uploading service based on lolisafe.

Will you keep my files forever?

We do not have a fixed retention policy. We will mostly keep your files, unless you delete them manually from your dashboard, or if the content you have uploaded is illegal.

Should I use this service?

No. We do not offer any guarantee for the content you upload, nor have built this service for being used by many users. You can use it, but keep in mind this is not meant to. If you are looking for a serious uploading service, take a look at gang.moe!

Are my files private?

Even though we will not seek users's files, we still have some sort of access to them, mostly for legal reasons. Please avoid uploading sensitive data on this service.

I found illegal content hosted here, what should I do?

We take illegal content takedown requests seriously. For any abuse, you can contact me at the following email: me[at]r33[dot]space.